Blackdeer - Kitchen Aluminum Alloy Locker

  • 48.500 KD
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ltem No.: BD12212608

Unfold Size: 64*50*84cm

Fold Size: 21*20*85cm

Weight: 7.6kg

Material: Aluminum Alloy,Teslin, 600D Oxford Cloth,MDF Board, PP

List: 1.Outer Bag 2.Locker 3.Desktop 4.Laminate*3 5. Independent Strut*2

1.After taking out all the accessories, unfold the storage rack along the diagonal.

2.Buckle the bottom crossbar in the corresponding slot, and then set the two independent holding rods into the top fixing sleeve of the storage rack respectively (note: the red arrow mark of the holder indicates the top)

3.Unfold the desktop flat and fix it on the top of the storage rack.

4.Put into slabs, and the assembly is completed.

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