Cang Hai 45 Inflatable Pump

Cang Hai 45 Inflatable Pump

  • 18.000 KD
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SKU NX22669009
Material ABS
Battery property Lithium battery
Waterproof level IPX4
Power 30W
Inflation pressure About 4.5kPa
Size L73×W49×H133MM
Net weight About 271G
Inflatable pump + Air nozzle weight About 289G

Comes with 4 types of inflatable nozzles to meet different inflatable needs
Long & short nozzles: suitable for most inflatable beds, inflatable sofas, kayaks
Long funnel nozzle: suitable for most inflatable pillows, inflatable toys, swimming rings
Rubber nozzle: suitable for some air mattresses

Two levels of adjustable air pressure mode, control the wind power for your own use
High and low two air pressure mode, inflatable fast and slow free adjustment

Not only an inflatable pump, but also a power bank
Can be connected to the data line for cell phone charging, 4000mAh lithium battery, can be charged 2-4 hours

Fast pumping, save time for storage
About 2.5-3 minutes to pump the air bed gas

Three lighting modes are not afraid of darkness at night 
Low light, medium light, high light three lighting modes, lighting time can last 5-15h

Portable storage, a bag to fill
With the same storage bag, a bag for the inflatable pump and accessories, easy storage does not occupy an area. Storage size: 120X230mm

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