Firemable - Petrel Ultralight Cooking System **Full Package - كامل البكيج**

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Ultralight - 4in1 set, only 251g, 0.55 lbs

With Hornet Ⅱ Titanium Gas Stove and flintstones - 2.5kW, 179g/h, 8531BTU/h

Easy to Carry - compact and portable, with net bag

Petrel Ultralight Cooking System Specifications:

Material: Aluminium Alloy / Titanium / Copper / Silicone

Unfolded Size: 102*223*149mm, 4*8.8*5.9in

Folded Size: 102*106*149mm, 4*4.2*5.9in

Weight: 251g,0.55 lbs

Pot Capacity: 600ml,20.3us_oz

Specifications of Hornet Ⅱ

Material: Titanium / Copper / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy

Unfolded size: φ122*82mm, φ4.8*3.2in

Folded size: φ50*80mm,φ2*3.1in

Power: 2.5kW, 179g/h, 8531BTU/h

Specifications of 600ml Pot

Material: Aluminum Alloy / Silicone

Unfolded size: 102*223*149mm, 4*8.8*5.9 in

Folded size: 102*106*149mm, 4*4.2*5.9in

Capacity: 600ml,20.3us_oz

Weight: 161.6g, 5.7oz

Package Included:

1* Aluminium 600ml Pot

1* Titanium Hornet Ⅱ Gas Stove
1* Flintstones

1* Titanium Folding 2in1 Spoon

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