Firemaple - blade 2 **Only Stove - فقط موقد**

  • 25.000 KD
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Name:FIRE-MAPLE BLADE 2 Titanium in-split Stove
Model:Blade 2
Unfolding size: Ф145*75mm
Folding size: 75*89mm
Power: 2800W
Weight: 135g
Material: Titanium / Aluminum
Igniter: No
Supported weight: 3.0kg
Fuel: Gas
1: Made of Titanium, ultralight, only 135g
2: Pre-heat tube, designed for using in cold environment
3: Foldable and sturdy legs and pot holders
4: High quality hose and valve
   1 × Fire Maple Blade 2 Titanium Gas Stove
1 × String bag

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