Firemaple - Buzz Gas Stove

  • 9.500 KD
    سعر الوحده لكل 
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1. 48g Lightweight and compact.

2. Windproof burner top.

3. Large diameter and triangular pot stand design.

4. The more stable burner flame.

5. Compared with the FMS-300T, we have improved the diameter of the stand - 122mm(92mm in the old version) to make it more stable and non-slip


Material: Titanium / Copper / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy

Unfolded size: φ122*82mm, φ4.8*3.2in

Folded size: φ50*80mm,φ2*3.1in

Weight: 48.5g, 1.7oz

Power: 2.5kW, 179g/h, 8531BTU/h

Package Included:

1 x Hornet ⅡTitanium Gas Stove

1 x Plastic box

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