Firemaple - Polaris

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FireMaple Polaris Pressure-regulator Stove

Polaris is the 1st pressure-regulator gas stove of FireMaple, the amazing tech and self-built micro windshield design make it possible to have outstanding performance in extreme weather. Compared with regular canister stove, it has much faster boiling and cooking time in cold weather, it's also ultralight and super compact, which will save more weight and space for backpack.


Weight: 76g/ 2.7oz
Power: 2500W/ 8530BTU/h/ 178.6g/h
Ø114*94mm/ Ø1.9*3.2in (unfolded)
Ø49*82mm/ Ø4.5*3.7in(folded)


1. Pressure-regulator technology: fast boiling time in cold weather
2. Ultralight: only weighs 76g, a little bit heavier than an egg
3. Super compact: saving more space
4. Wind resistent: self-built micro windshield
5. Durable: strenthen stove support

Package include

Polaris stove* 1
Storing box* 1

What is pressure-regulator?

Pressure regulator is a system which regulates pressure of output.

Why pressure-regulator?

Pressure of gas cartridge reduces when it’s:

1.In cold environment
2.Keeping outputting longer than 3 minutes

As result of weaker pressure, burner flame becomes weaker. The pressure regulator solves this issue. It maintains a consistent output resulting in a consistent burner flame.

How pressure-regulator works?

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