Firemaple - Polaris Pressure-regulator Remote Gas Stove

  • 21.000 KD
    سعر الوحده لكل 
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Weight: 180g(±5g), 6.35oz
Folded Size: 8.3*8.3*9.3cm, 3.2*3.2*3.6in
Unfolded Size:15.6*15.6*9.3cm 36.1*6.1*3.6in
Maxium output power: 2900W, 9894BTU/H
Boiling time: Boil 500ml water in 1.5 minutes


  1. Pressure Regulator Valve: The micro regulator design, which maintains a consistent burner output, makes it possbile for Polaris to have excellent performance in extreme conditions

  2. FAST BOIL: Boiling 1L water in 3.5 minutes! (Maxium Output Power: 9894 BTU/h, 2900W)

  3. LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT: Weighs only 180g, compatible for both solo and group outdoor activities.

  4. VERSATILITY: Simmer control function allows for a wide variety of cooking recipes, easy to setup

  5. COMPATIBLE: Folding pot stands provide stability for various diameters of cookware pots and pans

  6. WIND RESISTENT: Self built micro wind shield


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