Firemaple - Rock remote gas stove

  • 17.000 KD
    سعر الوحده لكل 
شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.

Its tough design and durability makes it the rock of base camping, caravan camping, camp kitchen and group hiking. The stove has 3600W power output, a diameter of 260 mm of supporting system for large pots and fry pans, a pre-heating tube for inverted gas canister and wind-resistant cover to meet tough challenge, which only weighs less than 600 gram and can be folded into a compact size for transportation.

Brand: Fire-Maple
Model No.: FMS-123
Material: Stainless, Aluminum and Copper
Suitable: Leisure explore and travel

Open: Ф260*116mm
Folded: Ф127*132mm
Max Output Power: 3600W
Weight: 538g
Boiling 1L water takes about 2’ 50”

Package include:
One Outdoor Stove

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