Flextail - FLEX PILLOW - Ultralight Inflatable TPU Camping Pillow

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Compact and packable, Weigh only 3.4 oz¡ꡧ100g¡ê?, lighter than a can of soda. The backpacking pillow can easily be carried in your backpack or pocket for convenient access, which is perfect for any trip whether by car, train or airplane. Fits both kids and adults.


Inflate pillow by mouth with approximately 3-5 breaths.Deflate feature which rapidly releases air after use in only seconds.When not in use, rolls up in a small carry bag. Ultimate gear for hiking, backpack, hammock, RV, cot, bed, bath, tub, airplane, adults, youth, van, seat, couch.


Made of sturdy-but-soft TPU 30D knitted fabric composite TPU, making it less likely to puncture or leak. Water resistant material makes cleaning as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. The Inflatable camping pillow back contain rubber anti-slipping dots to increase frictions between your pillow and the sleeping mat. A latch strap pairs well with air inflatable sleeping pads canfurther prevent your pillow from moving around while you sleep.


Inflates to 16.9" x10.6" x 3.9"(43 x 27 x 10 cm) inprovide a full support for your neck, head, back, or lumbar. Ergonomically designed for superior neck and back support while you travel?asleep like at home. With the unique technology in this compact and light pillow, you are able to adjust firmness to your personal sleep preference. The inflatable air pump perfect for any trip whether by car, train or airplane.


No Leak¡ê?with our innovative push-button valve that lets air in but not out so you don?¡¥t have to quickly close it before air escapes. you won?¡¥t end up with your head on the ground when you?¡¥re out on an adventure.

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