Flextail - MAX SUP PUMP Lite - 20PSI Air Pump for SUP & KITE (No Battery) **بدون بطاريات**

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Only 2.7 Lbs

Up To 20PSI

3 Smart Mode

Control Monitor

Auto Shut-Off

Lightweight Design

MAX SUP PUMP Lite weighs 2.7 Lbs. The hidden handle won’t take up extra space and allows you to carry it more easily. With its streamlined look and bright orange color, it will be your coolest partner.

6mins for a SUP

MAX SUP PUMP Lite can reach 8.5 kPa in only 73 seconds with a Maximum speed of 360L/min at the first stage. Saves your time for the initial stage of inflation. During stage two, it can fast increase pressure from 8.5 kPa to the required pressure with Maximum pressure at 90L/min. Say goodbye to the hand-pumping! Only 6mins can inflate a 13PSI Paddle Board (10'6'' x 32'' x 6'').


Powerful Pressure


High Speed

3 Smart Modes-Pump up in a Row

MAX SUP PUMP Lite has three modes(SUP/KITE/MAT) to meet your different needs and make your operation easier. It helps you locate the needed pressure with one single click (Still you are free to manually select the pressure you want).

Patented Cooling System

The patented interior design prevents your MAX SUP PUMP Lite from overheating and keeps its max performance and product life.

Digital Display & Auto Shut-off

With the digital display, you can preset your desired PSI/Modes and monitor the pressure in real-time. The digital sensor accuracy of MAX SUP PUMP Lite reaches 0.1 PSI. You also can easily switch the unit systems between BAR and PSI. MAX SUP PUMP Lite will automatically shut off when it reaches the preset pressure, no need to worry about over-inflation. In addition, the Memory Function will automatically recall the previously set pressure for the next inflation.

Complete Adaptability

Simply plug into your car's 12V Sup Pump DC connector and be ready to pump!

Choose a nozzle from our complete provided set to inflate almost any high-pressure inflatable, including: Red Paddle, IRocker, ISLE, Bluefin, ROC, Nixy, Fanatic, Atoll, Bote, Body Glove, Peak, Dynamo, Hero, Gladiator, Shark, Anomy, Hydro-Force, Advanced Elements, Penguin, Thurso Surf, Blackfin, Focus SUP Hawaii, Sea Lion, Newport Vessels, SUP-YAK, SCOUT And Other Major ISUP Board Brand.

Full Set Nozzles Attachments

The MAX SUP PUMP full Set Nozzles Attachments can meet different needs. Make your travel easier.

What's in the Box


  • Supported Pressure Range

    0.3-20 PSI (0.02-1.38 Bar)

  • Max Pumping Speed

    360L/Min At 1st Stage

    90L/Min At 2nd Stage

  • Digital Sensor Accuracy


  • Dimensions

    11.06*9.72*4.01 Inches

  • Net Weight

    2.77 Lbs

  • Max Energy Consumption

    12v Dc Car Connector

  • Power Cord Length

    6ft (2m), 3ft Hose

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