Huan Yan Enamel Pan

  • 8.000 KD
    سعر الوحده لكل 
شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.

SKU NX21666066
Weight About 741G
Diameter of pot mouth 180MM
Height of the pot 85MM
Diameter of the bottom of the pot 155MM
Overall height 140MM
Volume About 1.2L
Carrying knob / handle Beech wood
Pot mouth / lid wrap edge 304 stainless steel
Pot body + lid 0.8MM iron, 6 layers of glaze, about 0.4MM after the glaze is finished
Expand size L325×W180×H140MM
Storage size L343×W224×H160MM
Applicable Firewood/Gas stove/Induction cooker/Electric pottery stove/Halogen stove
Not applicable Oven/Microwave oven

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