ShineTrip - Quick Show Head Light Stand Set

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The adjustable buckle folding light pole can easily adjust the height of the light pole, and the three-section type connected with the aluminum alloy bracket is light and easy to carry.

The light pole has a built-in spring rope loop, which is convenient and quick to fold, and the non-slip rubber makes it easy to fix on various poles.

The light pole is made of high quality alluminum alloy material, which is anti-rust and long-lasting.

The length of light pole is 100cm, the width of light pole is 12cm and the height of light pole is 3cm.

The folding light pole is suitable for outdoor usage, like travel,picnic, camping, hiking, fishing etc.

The three- sections splicing can be clipped on the dining table.

The three-section splicing can be connected to ground nails and fixed on the grass.


Brand: Shine Trip

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Black, Blue, Red


Application: Outdoor multifunctional camping light pole, can be inserted into the ground, can be clamped on the table and other purposes, portable and stable.

Package Includes:

1 X Foldable Light Pole

1 X Storage Bag

1 X Buckle Bracket

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