stainless steel thermos - 600ML

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Thermos from Blackdeer to store drinks and keep the temperature inside to stay awake (hot or cold). It consists of several layers of material that have their respective functions and are also leak-proof. The cute and interesting blackdeer image design is made of non-slip material to keep the thermos from shifting easily.

Brand: Blackdeer

Model no : BD12122505 / BD121225056

Category : Thermos

Color: Green and Grey

Material : 304 Stainless Steel ,TPU,PP,Silica Gel
Size :
*Φ7.3 x 23cm (Thermos)
*9 x 9 x 24 (packaging)

Capacity: 600ml

Weight: 325gr

Package Contents:

*1x Thermos

*1x Silicone mat
*1x Manual book

Product Features :

* Layers of material from 304 Stainless Steel, Copper and vacuum insulation to hold the temperature inside

*The round thermos mouth is equipped with a detachable double strainer

*Silicone mat at the bottom of the non-slip thermos

* There is a hand handle so that it is easy to carry thermos anywhere

*Easy to wash and clean

*Suitable for everyday use, traveling, camping and picnics to bring tea, coffee, infused water, juice, mineral water, etc.

*Heat Temperature Insulation (temperature 98⁰C ± 1⁰C)

-After 6 hours it becomes 65⁰C when the thermos is placed in a room with a temperature of 20⁰C

*Cold Temperature Insulation (temperature 0⁰C ± 1⁰C With Ice Cubes)

-After 6 hours it becomes 5.5⁰C when the thermos is placed in a room with a temperature of 20⁰C

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