Blackdeer - A4 Folding Wood Stove

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ltem No: BD12216310
Unfold Size: 28*18.8*26cm
Fold Size: 34*20*5cm
Weight: 3kg
Material: sUS304 . suS201 . sGcc

1. The stove body groove is designed with two gears, which supports both charcoal and firewood with perfect experience of fire watch and heating.

2. This stove can be used as a separate fire stand, or used with the baking net and tray for barbecue.

3. The side plate with hollow patterns is rich in ornamental value and convenient for ventilation and combustion.

4. The extended stove wall can not only be used as a stove wall to preserve & accumulate heat, and prevent charcoal scattering, but can be used as a tray to place firewood.

5. The wood stove with a small size can be folded, which is portable and easy to storage.


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