Blackdeer - Beidao sponge self-filling pad

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Name: Sponge Self-Inflating Mattress


ltem No.: BD12211615

Unfold Size: 200*75*7.5cm

Fold Size: 80*21*21cm

weight: 3kg

Material: 19 T Flat Sponge,TC Fabric, 190T Poly Pongee PrecisionDrop Plastic, Universal Air Nozzle

This mattress are in stock of russian warehouse,if you need send from russian please  leave a message to us.

1. Automatic inflation: high rebound sponge filling, universal air nozzle, time-saving and effort-saving inflation and deflation

2. Damp and cold proof: effective cold proof for both outdoor and indoor use, making it comfortable to fall asleep.

3. Multi-functional bedspread: dust and stain proof, double-layer protection with air cushion, design of strapping tapes, more stable to use with camp bed,effectively improve the comfort of the camp bed.

I. Inflatable Instructions

1. Unfold and pave the air mattress.

2. Open the air nozzle and adjust the valve to the inflatable status, the air mattress bed will inflate automatically.

3. Adjust the softness as required and add more air to a proper extent, tighten the air nozzle to complete the inflation.

II. Air Exhaustion Instructions

1. Open the air nozzle and adjust the valve to the exhaustion status.

2. Roll up from the other end of the air nozzle and tighten the air nozzle after exhausting the air, repeat the aforesaid steps to exhaust the air mattress thoroughly and get a smaller volume for storage.

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