Blackdeer - Blazing - Windproof Fierce Fire Stove

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ltem No.: BD12222126

Size: 36*25*10.2cm

Weight: 2.64kg

Static Bearing: 10kg

Power: 3.2-7.8 kw

Rated Pressure Of Gas: Positive < 0.5mpa, Inverted< 0.3mpa

Rated Gas Consumption: Right Position:230 g/h , Inversion:560 g/h

Material: Stainless Steel

Power: 7.8kw

1. A high-power gas stove with high heating efficiency and full combustion, making cooking under control;

2. The self-contained windscreen design is featured with certain anti-wind capability;

3. The modularized components support both desktop and embedded installation. The Black Deer M1 multi-functional folding table can be embedded for combined use.

4. The storage bag design effectively protects the stove body, avoids damage due to collision and dust invasion.

5. The all stainless-steel stove surface and the brushed panel are easy to clean. The stove frame can be disassembled, which is easy to clean.


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