C043 Modal Anti Dirty Liner "2-size/3-Color"

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  • Modal fiber content up to 95%, comfortable and breathable
  • Two models
  • Pillowcase integrated design
  • bottom zipper , side buckle
COLOR blue, purple blue, purple, grey
STYLE kids adult
SIZE 165×65cm 220×82cm
PACKING Ø9.5×18cm Ø11.5×22cm
WEIGHT 450g 750g
MATERAIL 95% modal fiber, 5% spandex



Product Description:
Brand: Naturehike
Name: Modole Dirty Sleeping Bag Inner Gallbladder
Material: 95% Modol Fibers, 5% Spandex
Model: Adult Type / Child Type
Color: Green, Purple, Gray / Green, Purple
Weight: 750g / 450g
Size: 85 * 220 cm / 65 * 165 cm
Packaging: 11.5 * 22 cm / 9.5 * 18 cm
内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _02内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _03内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _05内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _09内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _10内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _11内胆 隔 脏 内胆 _12

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