Cang Hai 30 Inflatable Pump

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Comes with 4 types of inflatable nozzles, to meet different inflatable needs
Long/short nozzle: suitable for most inflatable beds/inflatable cushions
Long funnel nozzle: suitable for swimming ring, part of the air pillow
Rubber nozzle: suitable for some outdoor inflatable mats

300L/min high-speed inflation, two adjustable air pressure mode
High and low two air pressure mode, inflatable fast and slow free adjustment
Double click to open the air pump, the initial high-pressure mode (4.5kPa 300L/min)
Long press to adjust the air pump to low pressure mode (2.5kPa 195L/min)

Fast pumping, storage more time-saving
About 2.5-3 minutes to pump the air mattress bed gas

4800mAh high-capacity battery
About 45 minutes lasting life

Not only an inflatable pump, but also a mini power supply
Inflatable pump can be connected to the data line for cell phone charging, say goodbye to anxiety

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