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Butane Torch



  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 164g/5.8oz
  • Calibre of spout: φ22mm
  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel + Ceramic + Copper
  • Max Flame Temperature: 1300°C/2400°F
  • Type of gas: Butane
  • Flame Gun Angle: 360 degree free rotation, can be used upside down
  • Appliance category: Vapour pressure-butane
  • Igniting method: Automatic piezoelectricity ignite
  • Power: Gas, fit perfectly with most butane canister (camping stove)
  • Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter, Culinary Torches Head Professional Chef Cooking Adjustable Flame For Sous Vide, Creme Brulee, Baking, BBQ
  • Note: Butane Gas Not Included.



Butane Torch-Making Your Cooking Easier!

About ALOCS Butane Torch Lighter

Butane Torch Head

Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter

Culinary Butane Torch

Culinary Torches Chef Cooking

Adjustable flame

You can choose the different flame size according to your requirement gas controlling with the gas value switch

Soft fire & Spit fire

Intensity temperature can reach up to 1300°C/2400°F to meet various needs, you can choose the Soft fire /Spit fire flame according to your requirement

360° Reverse Use

This Butane gas torch can 360 Degree Reverse Use, can be used at any angle after 2 minutes of warm-up period

Short Nozzle Tank

Please ensure the butane gas you use is the SHORT Nozzle Tank (Butane not inclued for safety reason)

Kitchen Torch Lighter with Adjustable Flame

Kitchen Torch

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