Firemable - Sunflower Gas Camping Stove **Only stove**

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Wind-Resistant Infrared Heat

Imagine effortlessly enjoying the great outdoors in winter, without the biting chill.

Thanks to Sunflower heater's cutting-edge infrared technology, you get powerful, consistent heat that's also naturally wind-resistant. Perfect for those icy fishing expeditions, unforgettable camping trips, or any winter adventure where you refuse to compromise on comfort!

Durable & User-Friendly Outdoor Stove

The SUNFLOWER GAS CAMPING STOVE combines durability with user-friendly features, ensuring reliable performance in rugged conditions. Its robust design and intuitive controls make it the ideal choice for hassle-free outdoor cooking adventures

Versatile Outdoor Cooking

Whether you're frying a freshly caught fish or grilling veggies, the SUNFLOWER GAS CAMPING STOVE Uses comes equipped with all the features you need for culinary excellence under the open sky.

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