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Fire-Maple XT-1 & XT-2 HE Kettle

Our High Efficiency Kettles are a rugged and lightweight essential for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to boil water quickly for tea, coffee, dehydrated meals and more.

Our heat exchanger design reduces wind interference and traps heat to reduce boil times up to 30% compared to traditional camp kettles.

The kettles are designed to work excellently with Fire-Maple canister stoves, and even have room to store our ultralight series of titanium folding stoves. (Not Included) Available in two sizes, it's simple to choose the size that best suits your group size and camp cooking needs.

Also great as an emergency kit essential for boiling water fast.

The kettle is constructed with hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel with a folding handle for easy storage in your pack, bag, or gear shelf.



  • High efficiency kettle with ergonomic folding handle and lid with heat resistant pull
  • Soft protective mesh bag with drawstring closure





Built to Last

Designed to bring you years of use for all your outdoor adventures.

High Efficiency

Our rugged Heat Exchanger design results in


  • Wind Reduction
  • Faster Boil Times
  • Lower Fuel Consumption


Technical Information

XT-1 High Efficiency Kettle with Heat Exchanger

Size: 153 x 86mm

Weight: 242g / 8.5 oz

Liquid Capacity: 0.7L / 23.6 fl. oz

XT-2 High Efficiency Kettle with Heat Exchanger

Size: 153 x 131mm

Weight: 308g / 10.8 oz

Liquid Capacity: 1.3L / 43.9 fl. oz

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