Flextail - EVO REPEL 3-in-1 Outdoor Mosquito Repeller Lantern + **10 Pcs FREE Filter**

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10-30FT Protection Zone

Double Sided

28hrs Running Time

Camping Lantern

Power Bank

IPX5 Waterproof

3-in-1 with Double-Sided Design

EVO REPEL is a portable & versatile 3-in-1 device: mosquito repellent, 3000 Lumens camping lantern, and 51.84Wh power bank.By adopting exclusive Double-Sided Heating Tech, EVO REPEL evenly heats both repellent mats, achieving doubled mosquito repellent effects. EVO REPEL matches almost all the repellent mats on the market regardless of their sizes, which offers you more choices.

Dual-Protection Mode with 50s Fast Heating

EVO REPEL uses Efficiency Heating Tech, heating to 110℃/230°F in 50 seconds and 165℃/329°F in 2 minutes, which provides you with speedy full protection. Its dual-protection mode offers a 10FT mosquito free zone at 110℃/230°F in camp mode, or a 30FT zone at 165℃/329°F in outdoor mode, ensuring mosquito-free outdoor enjoyment.

3000lm Ultralight Outdoor Lantern

EVO REPEL's COB LED Tech offers ultra-bright illumination up to 3000lm, lighting a 200m² campsite with low power consumption for 100 hours on a full charge. Its four adjustable lighting modes (100lm/700lm/1500lm/3000lm) provide clarity in darkness, and five adjustable color temperatures (2500K/3300K/4200K/5100K/6000K) suit various needs – warm lighting for cozy dining and cool lighting for heightened alertness during outdoor activities.

Long Endurance with Power Bank

51.84Wh lithium battery offers extended mosquito repellent use (28 hrs in Camp Mode, 18 hrs in Outdoor Mode). In addition, it doubles as a long-lasting campsite light (up to 100 hrs at 100lm or 5 hrs at 3000lm) and the portable power bank function that can charge an iPhone 15 five times with TYPE-C port, ensuring you stay powered up on the go.

More Details

Your Outdoor Guardian

Stay mosquito-free during your outdoor adventures like camping, BBQs, fishing, and patio living with our cordless, rechargeable design

What's in the Box?


  • Size

    6.02*2.75*1.18 inches

  • Weight

    16.4 oz/465 g

  • Battery Capacity


  • Rated Voltage


  • Waterproof rating


  • Lighting Brightness


  • Color Temperature

    2500K - 6000K

  • Heating Temperature

    110℃/230℉ (Camp Mode)

    165℃/329℉ (Outdoor Mode)

Large Repellent Mat

  • Dimensions(L x W x H )

    1.33*1.9*0.11 Inches

  • Shelf Life

    3 years

  • Mat Duration Time

    4-6 Hours Each Mat

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