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A wind sofa from Blackdeer which is very soft and comfortable to wear. Made from Cationic fabric and PVC, this chair can withstand loads of up to 100kg. There are 2 separate fill valves (A and B). The sofa cloth is removable for easy washing

Brand: Blackdeer
Model no : BD12111701
Category : Air Couch
Color : Khaki
Material : Cationic Fabric + PVC
*Open = 108 x 78 x 70cm (Open)
*Packaged = 40 x 32cm
Weight: 4600gr
Package Contents:
*1x Sofa cloth
*1x Inflatable Liner
*1x repair kit
*1x Pouch

Product Features :
* Able to withstand loads up to 100kg
*Compact, easy to fold, store and travel with the available pouch
*There are 2 filling valves that match the mouth of the pump (according to standard)
*Valve parts can be closed with velcro adhesive
* The seat cloth can be removed for easy washing
* Pouch with cord lock
*There is a zippered storage space at the front of the storage pouch
*Suitable for relaxing on the beach – swimming pools, camping, everyday, etc

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