Nextool - Multifunction Folding shovel Medium

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  • Shovel, 140 mm wide and 170 mm long, the shield shovel can scoop up more soil every time. The V-shaped head design and triangular surface make it easier and simpler to use.
  • Hoe, a simple turn of the handle can easily convert a shovel into a hoe.
  • 30° hook, the shovel can be used as a hook (by setting the angle to 30°). With this hook, you can easily hook a branch for making a fire.
  • An axe
  • Flint and steel
  • Compass
  • Bottle opener
  • Knife
  • lineup
  • and even more practical gadgets

The shovel is made of stainless steel 2Cr13, which is also used in the aviation industry in the production of engines. The 2.5mm bucket thickness with anti-corrosion treatment is wear-resistant.

The folding handle consists of three parts. After assembly, the maximum length of the handle including the shovel is 83 cm. The handle is sufficiently strong and durable thanks to the aluminum material 6061-T6. The surface treatment with anodic oxidation brings a comfortable grip and a beautiful texture. you can always rely on the handle and believe that you won't destroy it right away. The carrying capacity of the handle is an incredible 1.8 tons.

To increase safety during use, the tools are additionally secured by a safety lock in the working position.

By purchasing this multifunctional tool, you also get a practical case that you can easily attach to your backpack, backpack or belt during your trips.


  • Bucket material: 20Cr13
  • Handle material: aircraft aluminum 6061-T6
  • Total state size: 830 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 985±20g © Sunnysoft sro

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