Outing Cassette Oven

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Name: Outing Cassette Oven


Unfold Size: 260×208×124mm

Fold SIze: 280×230×155mm

Weight: 1360g

KGStatic Bearing:6

Material: Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Steel

1. High-power gas stove with fast heating and full combustion, perfect displaying superb cooking.

2. The magnetic-type interface with a built-in install rail can achieve easy adsorption of the gas tank.

3. The press-sensing design drives the gas tank to automatically pop out under high pressure to provide safety protection.

4. The large spray disc design with a large flame diameter brings out even heating to the pot, which is featured with fast heating and non-stick effect.

5. The stepless adjusting knob can help to control heat at any time.

6. The igniter with a protective cover can effectively prevent wind and improve the ignition efficiency outdoors.

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