Nextool - Parking plate

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①Thrive pin type window breaker, no fear of water pressure, amphibious use
② Seat belt cutter, inner blade design, fast cutting and escape
③Hidden number design, privacy is very important, refuse to harass
④Removable base design, 5 groups of numbers can be changed at any time, and it is easier to get at the time of danger
⑤3M vehicle special adhesive, interior special adhesive, stable and seamless

Product size: 100mm X20mmX 16.5mm
Main body material: ABS
Product accessories: 5 sets of number cards, 1 spare 3M glue

Packing list

1 x Number Card

1 x Number Slot

1 x Cover Card

1 x Rope Cutter

1 x Fixed Seat

1 x Window Breaker

1 x Window Breaker Cover

1 x 3M Glue


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