Steel Wood-burning Stove

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Name: Steel Wood-burning Stove


ltem No.: BD12216307

Unfold Size: 61.3*44*272cm

Fold Size: 25.2*44*24.1cm

Weight: 10kg

Material: SUS201,Glass

Name: Side Glass Accessories


ltem No.: BD12216308

Size: 29.8*17*0.7cm

Weight: 560g

Material: SUS201,Glass

1. The side panels of the fire viewing window can be replaced to meet the needs of close-up fire viewing, and the atmosphere is full.

2. The double-wing shelf design can not only place tableware, etc., but also can be used as a handle after storage, which is convenient for moving.

3. The wood stove has complete functions, which can meet the needs of outdoor heating, fire, cooking, making tea and other needs.

4. Foldable with blast furnace legs, easy to use and comfortable.

5. Atempering plate is set in the stove, and the heat is reflowed for twice, and the heat energy utilization efficiency is high.

6. The wood stove is integrated into one, and the chimney can be stored in the stove for more portability.The chimney has a switch to adjust the continuousburning time.

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